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Efficient operations require that each stakeholder, director, and officer understands the rules that govern their relationship with the company. We help our clients to minimize internal conflict, maximize efficiency, and maintain limited liability protections with a comprehensive suite of corporate governance services, including:
  • Entity formation and dissolution
  • Organizational documents, including operating agreements, limited partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and bylaws
  • Corporate minutes
  • Corporate rules and regulations counseling
  • Capitalization table management
As business owners, we understand that the administrative burdens associated with corporate governance divert resources from business operations and growth. We help our clients to reduce those burdens by carefully preparing forward-looking documents designed with the flexibility to grow with your business.



Gain confidence in your deal with our in-depth counseling, knowledge of industry-standard terms, meticulous document review, and insightful contract drafting. From simple transactions to complex mergers and acquisitions, we help each client avoid potential pitfalls and negotiate favorable terms for their deal. Our attorneys handle a wide range of transactional services including:  
  • Debt and equity financing
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Commercial lease agreement
  • Licensing agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Services agreements
  • Supply and distribution agreements
  • General contract review



In an increasingly connected marketplace, acquiring and managing intellectual property rights is crucial for today's businesses. Ensure that the investment in your brand is protected Peer & Hart’s intellectual property service:
  • Trademark applications and prosecution
  • Trademark infringement analysis
  • Cease and desist letters
  • Patent, trademark, and software licensing agreements
  • Intellectual property sales and acquisitions
Our team holds technical degrees in engineering, computer science, and food science, giving us the foundation needed to understand and manage intellectual property in technical fields. We also leverage our experience in litigating intellectual property matters to anticipate potential pitfalls in patent and trademark licensing agreements.


Countless state and federal regulations make the employer-employee relationship one of the most the greatest sources of risk for businesses in California. We help our clients navigate these regulations with practical compliance counseling and tailored employment documents, including:

  • Employee handbooks

  • Employment agreements and offer letters

  • Stock plans and equity incentive awards

  • Severance agreements

  • Employee confidentiality and intellectual property assignment agreements

These documents dispel ambiguity and reduce the potential for litigation by clearly setting forth the policies and expectations of the employer. Our practical perspective on employment compliance stems from our team’s prior experiences litigating employment disputes for both employees and employers.



Personal Service. Superior Results.

The best legal solutions are the product of diligence, legal acumen, and a deep understanding of the client's interests. Peer & Hart has developed a reputation for providing error-free work under tight deadlines and approaching each matter with the attention to detail necessary in competitive industries.


For us, "Personal Service" isn't just a catch phrase. We build robust lines of communication and trust with our clients by responding promptly to email inquiries and picking up the phone when our clients call. By intimately understanding our clients' interests, we are able to develop corporate and deal structures that save our clients time and money in the near term, while reducing risk in the long term.





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